What exactly is Witchvalve?

Witchvalve is a roleplaying community offering a variety of optional regulated roleplaying content. Within it, the venue "Witchvalve Manor" is commonly known as a potion factory selling strange wares, where the supernatural is quite common.

Our Weekly ScheduleServertime
General Gathering Time18:00 ST / 6pm ST
Monday Opening Slot18:00 ST / 6pm ST
Wednesday Opening Slot18:00 ST / 6pm ST

*Openings can sometimes not find enough staff, but will still take place unstaffed. more details.

Venue always open but due to Square Enix ToS please keep our Rules and Guidelines in mind!


MANORGHAST Update 6 1/8/2023 ver2.6
In the sixth update of Manorghast the main changes consist of making the "Witchvalve Two-Year Anniversary Collaboration" public, the addition of effects to the Frog'o'bot item and discord role, and a few structural changes on the discord and internal systems. It is amazing that we have gotten so many collaboration partners for our Anniversary, so I wish you all the fun with it! Check the event page here!
//// Important Notices
// Two-Year Anniversary Collaboration
// Frog'o'bots owners pay half the price on potions (not stackable)
// Frog'a'lot grants lifetime free food and drinks, effect from Frog'o'bot included
//// Discord
// #announcements Discord channel renamed to "wv-notices", can be followed by other discords
// #announcements-o18 discord channel renamed to "wv-news" for server wide updates and news
//// Internal
// Moderation Cases have been added
// Host Guide Simple updated
// Host Guide Full is now outdated

MANORGHAST Update 5 8/5/2023 ver2.5
The 2.5 Update for the Witchvalve marks the end of the Manorghast Expansion. All changes are meant to finalize what Manorghast tried to achieve, fixing and improving many areas which were still not working as intended or did not give satisfying results, such as our items being engaging enough to be roleplayed with. With this update, not only our venue, but also our Discord have seen changes to set them up for a time where no new updates get released. Witchvalve is now directly connected to "Vilithos" who is the creator and owner of Witchvalve commonly known as "The Piratewitch Viliana" within the FFXIV roleplaying culture. Witchvalve and his own content were two seperate projects in the past, which are now merged to lessen the overall workload of both projects. Supporting Vilithos means supporting the Witchvalve, and supporting the Witchvalve now means supporting Vilithos. At the release of the 2.5 Update there are no new plans for a new Witchvalve Expansion. Thank you for sticking with us and have fun roleplaying at the Witchvalve Manor! - Vilithos
//// Important Notices
// Final Update for the Manorghast Expansion
// Item Prices lowered significantly
// Many new items, including reworked ones!
// New characters are available on our Rp Service
// Witchvalve is now directly connected to "Vilithos"
//// Website
// Lots of text have been updated to be more clearly phrased
// About Us page "What exactly is Witchvalve?" updated
// About Us page "About our openings" updated
// Item Descriptions on the SFW Menu have been updated
// Item Descriptions on the Evil Menu have been updated
// New Characters added to the Rp Service!
// General item prices have been reduced significantly
// "Iconix" prices have been updated
// "Vilinomicon" is now used to archive rarely used items
// Some items from the Vilinomicon are now potions or "Iconix"
// "Frog'o'bot" has been added to the SFW Menu
// "Superior Frog'a'lot" has been added as a hidden item
// "Faydream" added to the SFW Menu
// "Coneflower Lixxy" has been reworked
// "Viviara" has been added to the SFW Menu
// "Cataliquor" has been removed
// "Viviera" has been removed
// "Bloodbinder" has been added to the Evil Menu
// "Golden Needle" reworked into "Goldenhowl" on the Evil Menu
// "Ruby" reworked into "Rubylon" on the Evil Menu
// "Larimar" reworked into "Larimanool" on the Evil Menu
// "Burnamint" has been added to the Evil Menu
// "Bloodpepper" reworked into "Dragonade" on the Evil Menu
//// Discord
// "Witchalve" and "Vilithos" are now directly connected
// Discord Server is now a in technical terms a "Community", unlocks new features
// Discord Server "Rules and Guidelines" updated
// "Server Introduction" added
// "Partners" now listed in a forum channel
// "Vilithos Ping" role added
// "Frog'o'Bot" and "Superior Frog'a'Lot" roles added
// Channel accessability rights updated
//// Internal
// Discord Roles have been adjusted
// "Former Staff" role added
// "Activity check" of the Witchvalve Team

MANORGHAST Update 4 8/11/2022 ver2.4
In this update we are making a service more obvious which has fallen into the shadows for a while. You can now hire characters from the Witchvalve Manor for the services they provide by creating a ticket on our discord. This allows for some Rp scenario planning beforehand, making this whole service much easier to manage. For this update it meant that the current jobs we offered were not fit for this service, which is why the job-system has been overhauled once again. Hopefully our jobs are now a little more attractive to people and eventually brings in new staff which we desperately are in need of. The website has received a structural update to make navigation and reading easier, maintaining our core values. This also applies to the Discord which had sections that were never used. The guide to venues named "Witchvalve Framework" is being discontinued due to being outdated and simply not being very reader friendly. Manorghast ver2.4 is supposed to simplify and strengthens our foundation, giving us room to flexibly add or remove things as we go, as well as widen the entrance to new staff. Our partners also finally have a page where they are being properly presented the way it was intended back in Velvet Worlds. - Vilithos
//// Important Notices
// Website structure and texts have been updated
// "Services" page added including our character roster
// "Partners" page added including communities, venues and familiars
// "Job system" has been overhauled once again
// Ticket system added to our Discord
// "Witchvalve Framework" discontinued
//// Website
// Job-System and page overhaul with redesigned Rp "Jobs"
// Discord Ticket system for "services" and "support" added
// Website "Services" page lists hirable "Rpj" WIP
// Partner page added
// Navigation added to the header
// Venue rules simplified
// Rules page now lists "content keywords"
// "Witchvalve Framework" discontinued
// "Menu" is now named "SFW Menu"
// "XXX" is now named "Evil Menu"
// Footer sub-navigation texts and links updated
// "Jobs" button moved to footer sub-navigation, now "Join the Team"
// Website texts have been adjusted accordingly
//// Discord
// "RP Section" removed entirely
// "rp-characters" channel moved to sharing section
// "Service" section added
// Ticket System added with "Create Ticket" channel
// "itc-macros" moved to library for now
// "honor-rank" moved to the library for now
// "public" section texts updated accordingly
// "jobs" channel renamed to "Join the Team"
// "jobs" channel texts updated
//// Internal
// "Staff purgatory" channel removed
// "Storage" channel removed
// "heyboss" moved to library
// "application form" updated
// Discord Roles have been adjusted

MANORGHAST Update 3 29/10/2022 ver2.3
For Halloween 2022 I wanted to give the community an event to forge some long lasting memories and expand on the Manorghast lore further. While we didn't have much time for the preperations I was extremely happy to have the Witchvalve community help making the event possible. Without them the "Sootling Summoning" would not have happened! Halloween is an important time for the Witchvalve community given its overall theme, so I am thankful the lore I've written in such a short time was welcomed with open arms and created funny interactions. - Vilithos
//// Important Notices
// "Sootling Summoning" festival, three night event
// "Sootling Summoning" event page added, check it out here!
// "The Great Wooden Serpent" story added to the lore page
// Costume Competition winners are "Yiona&Erinna", "Sakras" and "Ashlandis"
// True or False Quiz winner is "Luna"
// Spooky Story Competition winner is "Elisia"
// Website Texts have been updated
// New Partner "Menagerie" has been added

MANORGHAST Update 2 11/10/2022 ver2.2
Quite a lot of small changes have been made since 2.1 over time, which are summed up in the 2.2 update to give an overview. With the 2.2 update I am making sure that the time the team and I spend on our content and management is not wasted on things we don't enjoy, putting RP first. After all the roleplay is what most people come for, not for optional side content that gets repetitive easily. As for me "The Witch", now called "Vilithos", my focus has shifted on some of my other interests. I will still be working on Witchvalve content, but in a smaller fashion with less time commitment, which will be quite the challenge to deliver the same quality. Considering the fact that I've spend around 20-30 hours a week for months making the Witchvalve Project what I truly intended it to be, I believe it is only fair to take my time and put it on my other interests as well. That's about it! - Vilithos (The Witch)
//// Important Notices
// "Witchvalve Community" and "Witchvalve Manor (venue)" are now differentiated
// Website Text has been updated
// Venue Rules have been updated
// "Looking for Party" Icon now means "Player looking for Roleplaying Partner"
// Jobs Page has been updated
// Roleplaying Jobs have been updated
// Discord structure has been updated
// New Partner "Seventh Haven" has been added
// New Partner "Silver Valkyrie Events" has been added
//// Venue Rules Update
// Rule 2, "<...>" signs are now for special texts like readable text on objects
// Rule 4, minions are now allowed, but you need to hide them when asked by staff
// Rule 5, added: abilities that are venue-breaking are irrelevant to the lore and will be ignored, so no burning down the house
// Rule 6, added "obnoxious behaviour in public chats" to the list
// Rule 7, updated: "Looking for Party" Icon indicates staff offering Rp services including Erp >> "Looking for Party" indicates a player who is looking for a Roleplaying partner (any player, not just staff)
//// Jobs Update
// "Operators" names and descriptions have been adjusted, no changes, only the wording
// "DJ / Music Manager" OP removed
// "Receptionist" OP removed
// "Advertiser" OP removed
// "For Security" removed
// "For Escorts" removed
// "Roleplaying Jobs" are now venue specific, giving insight on what to do- should you take on that "job". Each RPJ now comes with its own tasks which are meant to make staff truly a part of the venue lore. Changes and new jobs may be added in the future. ; The description has been updated accordingly.
// "Maiden" RPJ added to Witchvalve Manor
// "Seeker" RPJ added to Witchvalve Manor
// "Alchemist" RPJ added to Witchvalve Manor
// "Mechaneer" RPJ added to Witchvalve Manor
// "Scientist" RPJ added to Witchvalve Manor
// "Waiter/Waitress" RPJ Added to Gold Leaf
// "Receptionist" RPJ added to Beldame Guild
// Application form updated
//// Discord Update
// "Feedback" channel removed, there are enough channels to give feedback
// Channel Sections have been re-organized
// RP Section has been overhauled into "Looking for Roleplay" Section
// "Sharing" section has been added, for memes, art and more
// SFW Role has been added
// NSFW Role has been added
// Role assignment has been updated
// "Welcome" channel has been updated
// Partner channels have been updated
// "Community" section has been updated
//// Internal Update
// Host specific rules and guidelines have been updated
// Advertisement rules and guidelines have been updated
// Gold Leaf Discord is discontinued and now included on the Witchvalve Discord

MANORGHAST Update 1 08/08/2022 ver2.1
After a break of roughly two months I came back for Witchvalve's 1 year anniversary, in order to celebrate what we have been through so far. The first update for Manorghast includes a few changes to our fundamental systems according to how Witchvalve staff has been running events while I was on my break. Additionally, as a little gift from me to our community, we released the first untested version of "Into the Cauldron"- a tabletop roleplaying system designed for entertainment. While it is still in its earliest stage, I am confident that through playtesting we can optimize it and have some fun roleplaying campaigns inside of FFXIV. Thank you for being part of Witchvalve! - The Witch
//// Important Notices
// "Daily Gathering Time" has been added
// "1 Year Anniversary" Raid Event
// "Into the Cauldron" Untested added, TTRpg-like system
// Keyword system has been updated
//// Discord Update
// "ITC" reaction role added, for those who are interested in "Into the Cauldron"
//// Internal Update
// Host Role has been updated
// Advertisement rules have been updated

MANORGHAST RELEASE 29/06/2022 ver2.0
The 2.0 Update is an expansion to the Witchvalve content named "Manorghast", which stands for the revitalization of our house-related lore. We are updating outdated content according to our and the players needs- and are adding new content to expand on the Witchvalve roleplaying experience. Especially important to us was to refocus on what the Witchvalve was supposed to be in the first place, making changes to clearly communicate our theme without ruining the experience for our already existing crowd. Manorghast is also a step into an unexplored territory, which is about becoming a resource for FFXIV players regarding the creation of player-events, venues and roleplaying in general. We are adding the "Witchvalve Framework" and a "Beginner Roleplaying Guide" which are supposed to give insight on their related topics. Both are still early version so we highly appreciate your feedback regarding them. Due to the consistent growth of players we have added a keyword system inside the Witchvalve Framework to ensure all players an enjoyable experience without the need of complicated explanations. As we are expanding further, I want to thank you for being part of the Witchvalve community. See you in-game! - The Witch
//// Important Notices
// Rules and Guidelines have been updated
// Keyword system has been added
// Witchvalve Framework has been added
// Beginner Roleplaying Guide has been added
// New Rooms have been added
// Jobs page has been updated
// General overhaul of our entire menu
//// Website Update
// Items have been removed, added and updated
// Our general menu is now completely safe to look at
// "Iconix" items have been added to the general menu
// All "forbidden" items are now listed in the XXX-menu called "Vilinomicon"
// "Iconix" items have been added to the "Vilinomicon
// Lore friendly items have been added to the "Vilinomicon"
// Keyword system applied to all items
// Rules and Guidelines have been updated
// "Witchvalve Framework" has been added
// "Archive" for older updates has been added
// "Worlds" page has been overhauled, now lists all of our spaces
// "Lore" page has been added, including an FAQ
// The interior of the main space at the Witchvalve has been updated
// "Attic" has been added, includes a library and an office
// "The Inn" has been added, includes two inn-rooms, a shower and bathroom
// "Basement 9" has been added, includes the storage and potion factory
// "Stories" have been added to the Lore page
// "Characters" have been added to the Lore page
// "FAQ" has been added to the Lore page
//// Discord Update
// Rules and Guidelines have been updated
// "Feedback" channel has been added
//// Internal Update
// Staff Rules and Guidelines have been updated
// Witchvalve now has branches
// "Gold Leaf" branch added
// "Jobs" have been added
// Application Form has been updated
-_// Click here to enter our news and updates archive!VELVET WORLDS 05/03/2022 ver1.0
EARLY APARTMENT DAYS 08/08/2021 ver0.1+


Welcome to the Archive where all news and updates regarding the Witchvalve are stored. Should you be done with satisfying your own nostalgia, you can click here to go back to our recent news and updates we posted.

VELVET WORLDS Update 3 05/03/2022 ver1.5
After our two week break we are rolling out with Update 1.5! The jobs we offered at the Witchvalve were much more tedious than fun to do, being either too passive or simply didn't offer much room for fulfilment. I can't stress enough how important it is to me that all staff is enjoying itself as well as our crowd. After all we are playing a game and don't attend to an actual part-time job! This also made it extremely hard to recruit new staff members which we desperately needed to run the Witchvalve. Naturally it took a lot of time to figure out what problems each job had and which are essential. Update 1.5 is the biggest fundamental change yet, aimed to give everyone an even better experience. These changes might seem irrelevant on the surface to especially our crowd, but the core is what is going to influence that surface later on. 1.5 allows to add and remove jobs if needed, without breaking the entire system or burning somebody out. There are already plans for 2.0, but for a while we wilI be testing the stability of 1.5. Thanks for sticking with us and I hope to see you some time in game!
////Job-System Update
//Application Process has been streamlined
//New Job Types "Operator" and "Rpj" added
//Website "Jobs" Tab updated
//Discord "Jobs" Channel updated
//Application Form is now required
//Staff specific Rules and Guidelines updated
//Internal Structures updated
//"Escort" Job removed because of job changes
//"Security" Job removed due to being too passive
//All Jobs are now more fulfilling to do
////Website Update
//Rules and Guidelines updated
//Multiple Texts updated
//Menu Prices updated
////Discord Update
//Rules and Guidelines updated
//Partnered up with "The Bee Hive Delivery Agency"
//Partnered up with "The Willow Circle"
//Rp-Section updated, now available again
VELVET WORLDS Update 2 14/02/2022 ver1.05
It's been a while! These couple last weeks were full of internal situations we had to solve quickly with precision. Even though the changes seem small, they are just the beginning of several big foundational changes, which are going to happen soon. Honestly it's been tough, but hopefully we regain our energy to do more special events in the future. Hopefully you are looking forward to a little taste of those special events, such as the "Fairydream Festival", we have cooked up for you. Thank you for supporting us thus far. - The Witch
//Witchvalve Discord was nuked because of a hacked account
//Witchvalve Discord has been recreated
//Partnered up with "Dodolysium" (discontinued)
//Updated the websites partner buttons
//Added "Gold Leaf" partner icon because it was missing
//Rules and Guidelines have been updated
//Requirements to become Staff have been updated
//Jobs have been updated
//Special Event "Fairydream Festival" released
VELVET WORLDS Update 1 23/01/2022 ver1.01
We have been able to test a big portion of our system the past few openings and decided, due to how players move and behave at the Witchvalve we had to do some adjustments. The job of the receptionist is currently in a very passive position with barely any natural interactions. Receptionist will be there for special events, but it will take a while for us to find a way to make this job engaging for everyone. The system required to run the escort service has been remade in order to give players their freedom to Rp anywhere, and still allow escorts to do their job fluently. Due to the introduction of said system a new rule had to be added. Lastly we have noticed that players freely roam around the house, which we cant control for obvious reasons. Thats why all pocket worlds are freely accessable from now on. In the future some rooms could be locked due to changes or special events. Thanks for coming to the Witchalve! - The Witch
// Pocket Worlds have been opened
// Receptionist Job has been updated, now a temporary job
// Escort Service has been reworked
// Due to new Escort Service system Rules have been updated
// Pocket Worlds are freely accessable now
VELVET WORLDS RELEASE 12/01/2022 ver1.0
After several months of delaying the opening of the House on Twintania, we finally have finished all preperations to show you what we worked on so hard. This venue has already come a long way, so I wanted to offer a unique and polished roleplaying experience that players could look forward to attending. With the "Grand Opening" or "Release" of "Witchvalve Velvet Worlds" or simply the House, we are setting up the foundation for future events and content updates such as new Pocket Worlds. I am looking forward to meeting your characters ingame! - The Witch
// Opening the Witchvalve House to the public for the first time
// Added Reception Area and Closet
// Added Witchvalve House Main Area
// Website Design Updated and new Logo
// "Schedule" Tab Updated; Now only lists actual openings happening and the link to our playlist button has been removed, because we currently do not see any use for one.
// "News" Tab Added; To keep players updated on changes and content updates
// "Help" Tab Updated; Rules have been rephrased and explainations have been added, as well as a new map to the witchvalve house on twintania
// "Gallery" Tab Removed
// "Jobs" Tab Removed; Jobs are now listed on our Discord Server
// "Worlds" Tab Added; Lists all Pocket Worlds
// Food & Drinks: Several new items
// Magical Menu: Several new items; removal of "Sesame Cookies"
// XXX Menu: Several new items
// Pills, Powders & Plants Reworked
// Smokes Market Reworked
// New Smokes Menu; "Smokes Market" and "Pills, Powders & Plants" have beed merged into the new mix-and-match "Smokes Menu", where different effects can be combined to your liking.

EARLY APARTMENT DAYS 08/08/2021 ver0.1+
In the Witchvalve Apartment every opening was filled with changes to figure out how to ensure players an entertaining and comfortable experience. Everything listed below are changes that happened within four month of the apartments existence. Changelog entry made on 18/12/2021
// Designing the ingame venue, Topmast Apartment
// Designing the Witchvalve Website
// Changing several menu items, prices and currency
// Advertisements through party finder, discords and players
// Figuring out how to approach and get players involved
// Recruiting staff, staff structure, jobs and roles
// Opening days and times
// Partnering up with "The Darkside" Discord
// Partnering up with "Endless Nights Events" Discord
// Halloween Collaboration with "Gold Leaf"
// Adding a Discord server with multiple functions
// Removing the "Nightclub" aspect entirely
// Getting a, planning the and working on the Witchvalve House

What exactly is Witchvalve?

The Witchvalve is a community for particularly FFXIV roleplayers which provides roleplaying content to its audience. The Witchvalve Community has it's very own in-game location named The Witchvalve Manor, known as a Potion Factory selling strange wares. Places that are directly connected to the Witchvalve, which share the same Discord are considered as branches of the Witchvalve. They have their own theme, team and provide their own content.

Apart from its branches Witchvalve offers a variety of optional content for roleplayers such as a Roleplaying Beginner Guide, a Lore Page, Rp Items, Themed Rooms and more. The "Witchvalve Manor" is always open and requires no announcements to be visited by players. Our Rules and Guidelines as well as the Square Enix ToS apply even outside of our opening times. Each branch additionally has its own set of rules according to what they offer making sure their content can shine where it matters. This allows Witchvalve to manage all types of roleplay precisely, making Witchvalve one of the few communities which welcome all types of characters and player backgrounds.As you can see there is quite a lot already to spend your time on! If this isn't enough already, from time to time Witchvalve receives updates and expansions. Due to the nature of roleplaying, while your own character develops further through roleplaying it, Witchvalve and its venues do the same. The story of a venue sets the theme and the players roleplaying within it drive the story forward. With updates and expansions we evolve our content according to our audiences stories and the story we intend to tell. Those who want to work with us directly on said content or help creating it can join us through the application page. Our goal is to get roleplayers together and offer engaging and enjoyable content for the roleplaying community to the wide scope of roleplayers out there.

The Witchvalve Manor is place where all different kinds of roleplayers meet up in-character, which causes unpredictable interactions between them. Sometimes we just goof around and make lighthearted puns, other times it gets moody and serious. It is a dynamic environment where every player can influence the scenarios through their roleplay or our strange items which are intended to cause engaging situations if needed. There is always a way to enjoy yourself at the Witchvalve Manor, it just takes a little to find yours.
Our "General Gathering Time" shows you when people generally come to the venue without an opening taking place. Sometimes not enough staff is available to service you at an opening, which only means that our service is unavailable, but you can still roleplay with the people who are there. In fact, many visit our venue even without us announcing an event. On our Discord we only announce openings and events where we have enough staff available to provide you our services.

rules & more

Warning! - Please do NOT engage in any of content marked as "Mature" or "Adult" if you are not over the age of 18+ years old! Also please do not expose others to content without consent.

Any content provided or participated in is considered as a work of fiction and does not reflect or represent any real events or intentions in any shape or form. Any content affecting a player's character in any way is optional and does not need to be roleplayed without consent.


1 Do not mix OOC and IC relationships!
2 To clearly indicate a certain type of text use these markers:
Character speaking out loud: "I am a Witch!"
Speaking out of character: (My character is a Witch)
Third-Person Narration: The Witch said out loud.
Situational text for ex. signs or language: <Do not drink this!>
3 In case public chats become too busy please invite others into a party or use private chats.
4 Dismiss all Minions/Pets when asked by staff and dress accordingly, if a special event announced.
5 Weapons are allowed inside the premises, but wielding them is prohibited. Using powers that alter the venues lore are only legitimate if discussed beforehand with the venue leaders.
6 Please refrain from bringing your own items, crafting at the venue, public dice rolling, emote and emote-message spamming or obnoxious behavior in public chats, as well as bright particle effect spamming.
7 The /yell and /shout chat are reserved for announcements, the following icons hold specified meaning.
Looking to Meld Materia = Shows you who is Staff
Looking for Party = Shows player who is looking for an Rp partner
8 Respect each other and do not meta/god play characters within our content. Nobody is forced to roleplay a scenario, so please speak up should you want to change or jump out of a scenario. You can always /tell a member of our team to help you. OOC chat is always available even when unconscious IC. We value interactions over lore-friendliness especially in the context of FFXIV's Lore.
// IC, acting in-character
// OOC, acting out-of-character
You can always talk to our staff privately if you have any questions or are in the need of help regarding situations within our events. Staff is there to help you after all!


Each keyword tells the you where and how you can roleplay specific types of content to avoid exposing other players to content they possibly do not want to put their eyes on or participate in. These keywords exist to clearly define content of any type to avoid the need of complex explanations. This is based on FFXIV's Terms of Service and should always be kept in mind.SFW - Safe for Work Content is allowed anywhere in all chats
- Roleplaying content and items marked as SFW
- Ordering content and items marked as SFW
- Characters being drunk or high on items, retaining control of their actions
- Physical contact without the extensive description of the scenario, no suggestive or sexual content
MATURE - Mature Content (18+ only) is allowed only in spaces marked as Mature, in private chats and after asking for consent of the involved players. By entering an area/venue/event marked as Mature you automatically consent to potentially seeing Mature content.
- Roleplaying content and items marked as Mature
- Ordering content and items marked as Mature
- Anything related to body fluids, such as blood, spit, puke, urine, etc.
- Spiking drinks/food/etc. with other items (example: secretly poisoning somebody)
- Manipulating incapacitated characters in any way
- Minor violence, no detailed bodily harm, murder or long term damage
- Anything related to suggestive/flirty behavior
ADULT - Adult Content (18+ only) is prohibited everywhere, only practise "Adult" content in private chats such as /party or /tell after asking for consent of the involved players. Never mark an area/venue/event as "Adult" due to the probability to get suspended by FFXIV's gamemasters (GM).
- Only roleplay Adult content and items in private chats
- Only order Adult content and items in private chats
- Anything related to death
- Any type of erotic roleplay
- Any type of abusive content
- Psychological content such as trauma or insanity
- Anything related to gore, such as cut off limbs or similar

Vilinomicon ICONIX

All items listed inside the Vilinomicon are available under the table, simply whisper our staff. Items in the Vilinomicon are considered morrally wrong, too dangerous or forbidden around Eorzea. Mind that not everything is a safe to consume, so read carefully.

Fairydream Mature - 3000 Gil
A very potent Love Potion able to let any creature fall in love with the first person or creature in sight. To make the consumer of the potion fall in love with a specified person or creature, mix the DNA of the desired person or creature into this potion. The more one drinks of a Fairydream the stronger their love will be. Drinking too many Fairydreams will cause lunatic behavior regarding the expression of their love towards the person or creature.

Rubylon Mature - 1000 Gil
A ruby red potion which raises ones blood circulation letting them feel a big rush.

Burnamint Mature - 2000 Gil
A potion able to put one in heat, unleashing their burning passion.

Larimanool Adult - 1000 Gil
A skyblue potion causing rockhard excitement for long periods of time.

Bloodbinder Mature - 3000 Gil
A bloodpact known as a trial, which shows how strong a bond truly is.
1. Press down the top middle on the phial. A small needle takes a drop of blood and mixes it into the liquid.
2. Twist the phial open and pass it to your partner who drinks it.
Effect: A person or creature who drank the Bloodbinder feels pleasure when commanded by the person in contract.

Goblinol Adult - 1000 Gil
A Tincture which raises the sensitivity of the organic areas it is applied to.

MagicaEGG Adult - 1000 Gil
A shiny remote controlled device shaped like an egg, able to conduct electrocutes.

Bad Behemoth Adult - 2000 Gil
A purple toy resembling the muscly and veiny looks of a Behemoth, able to grow in size when mana is absorbed.

Goldenhowl Mature - 2000 Gil
A burst of randomly aspected aether trapped inside a bottle. If consumed causes visions of a respective primal strengthening or weakening ones body. To what extend your character changes is entirely up to you. Your character will see a vision of the primal of choice, so we recommend falling asleep to make things easier. How far you take the Rp is up to you.
Examples: Fire/Ifrit; Earth/Titan; Wind/Garuda; Water/Leviathan; Thunder/Ramuh; Ice/Shiva

Dragonade Mature - 1000 Gil
A potion made from a firedragon soul. So spicy, it is feared by all cooks equally. A sip causes your heart to tremble, making you feel all hot and dizzy. Use "/random 99" ro roll:
71 - 99, Bluemage spell #21 Self-Destruct "Death" is roleplayed as near death experience.
31 - 70, You are knocked out! /playdead
8 - 30, Gain one Dragonade Fireball stack
0 - 7, You gain a dragon tattoo on your tongue, indicating how many Dragonade Fireballs you can hold onto. Release them at will!

*Keywords such as SFW/Mature/Adult are explained in our Rules and Guidelines.

Illicit Drugs of Eorzea

Eorzea is home to many illicit drugs, which are listed in this great post by mirke's menagerie based on NPC dialogues in Final Fantasy XIV. We list especially the forbidden drugs of Eorzea to offer you lore-friendly options.

ILLICIT ·············RpDescription ············································Gil·
Cactuar BloodSFWA clear liquid said to help the skin supple.1000
PlutoSFWA gulp of this liquid turns your body as hard as iron.3000
SomnusSFWA mind-warping substance made from dream flowers.5000
MilkrootMatureIt's sap causes wondrous hallucinations.3000
Dreamtoad OozeMatureSecreted from dreamtoads, causes wondrous hallucinations.5000
DreamweedMatureKnowing of its existence is hazardous to one’s health.×××
Blackroot RoseMatureIts leaves cause horrible visions and extreme violence.×××


The Vilinomicon lists items and their effects to keep track of what the hell we used in the past. The items in the Vilinomicon are only available in context of the roleplaying interaction, meaning they can be used in roleplay but are not necessarily in our inventory. Items in the Vilinomicon are considered as morrally wrong, too dangerous and are mostly forbidden around Eorzea.

DRUGS ··············RpDescription ································································Gil·
GaelicatnipSFWA very popular plant amongst certain species.300
Moon CarrotSFWA very popular vegetable amongst certain species.400
Dragon BloodSFWA very popular liquid amongst certain species.500
Valve CokeMaturePushes your emotional state to an extreme.1000
GleanMatureLiquid that strongly eases pain, used for medical purposes.1000
Moon BlossomMatureMakes you feel extremely light and alienated.1000
OTHER ··············RpDescription ·······························································Gil·
MorboloSFWCigarettes made from Morbol roots that cause bad breath.100
Senor's CigarSFWPopular Cigar brand from Ul'dah, said to cause good luck.300
Ahriman TearsSFWThe most bitter liquid found in Eorzea.1000
Bomb AshMatureBasic ingredient used to build explosives.1000
MistletoeMatureA clear sign somebody wants to kiss you.100
Seventh HeavenAdultA clear sign somebody wants to be intimate with you.100
EROTIC ···········Rp···Description ·················································Gil·
MagicaRubberAdultAll sizes, flexible rubber for protection.200
Oil PhialAdultMakes fun activities go smoother.300
Stamina PhialAdultIncreases your stamina to keep going for hours!1000
ALCHEMY ········Rp····Description ························································Gil·
Super-EtherSFWExtracted aetheric essence from elemental crystals.1000
Silence PotionSFWTincture that is able to take away the ability to speak.1000
Slumber PotionSFWCauses creatures to become sleepy or fall asleep.1000
Paralysis PotionMatureTincture that numbs areas where it is applied to.1000
ChocodreamMatureA potion letting one believe they are a chocobo, kweh!×××
Mimic SlimeSFWA strange materia used to create artificial bodies.×××

*Keywords such as SFW/Mature/Adult are explained in our Rules and Guidelines.

Wednesday 15th February 2023, "Fairydream Festival" - 19:00ST/7pmST

Venue always open, but due to Square Enix ToS please keep our Rules and Guidelines in mind!

Every year the Witchvalve Manor celebrates their love for potions and love for passion itself. A time to strengthen your connections with others! Some might use this opportunity to find their soulmate. The one potion which has become an Icon for this day is called the Fairydream, the one and only love potion that does it all! Though, this year a new item makes its debut, the Bloodbinder.

Faydream SFW - For Free
A drink with the sweet taste of the original fairydream without any effects.

Darkpuddie SFW - For Free
A chocolate pudding with a red shiny filling that is decorated with an abstract face.

MagicaRubber Adult - For Free
All sizes, felxible rubber for protection.

Oil Phial Adult - For Free
Makes fun activities go smoother.

*All of our regular items are halfed in price!

Fairydream Mature - 3000 1500 Gil
A very potent Love Potion able to let any creature fall in love with the first person or creature in sight. To make the consumer of the potion fall in love with a specified person or creature, mix the DNA of the desired person or creature into this potion. The more one drinks of a Fairydream the stronger their love will be. Drinking too many Fairydreams will cause lunatic behavior regarding the expression of their love towards the person or creature.

Bloodbinder Mature - 3000 1500 Gil
A bloodpact known as a trial, which shows how strong a bond truly is.
1. Press down the top middle on the phial. A small needle takes a drop of blood and mixes it into the liquid.
2. Twist the phial open and pass it to your partner who drinks it.
Effect: A person or creature who drank the Bloodbinder will feel pleasure whenever commanded by the person who's blood was mixed into the phial's liquid.

Fairydream Festival Angle 1


29th October 2022, "Moonlit Dawn" - 23:00ST/XpmST
30th October 2022, "Mirrormoonrise" - 19:00ST/7pmST
31st October 2022, "Almighty Sootling" - 19:00ST/7pmST

At Witchvale Halloween is a special time because we are monstrously weird the whole year! As the supernatural people and folk find their way to the Witchvalve Manor regularely, once a year we all get together to be who we truly are. This three night festival, named the Sootling Summoning, has its name from a primal called the Almighty Sootling which we try to summon once a year to celebrate within it's literal shadow! How we perform this ritual is something one must experience by themself, but you can study the ancient knowledge either in our library or right here on our event page. Because this is an in-character roleplaying event we have a bunch of activities prepared for you. If we please the Almighty Sootling enough, it might appear!

EVENT MENU ········RpDescription ············································Gil·
SootcakeSFWA black rocky sweet with colorful filling, causes minor illusions.Free
MirrorpuddingSFWA fruity pudding which imitates faces if you stare too long.Free
Pumpkin SoupSFWAn "All Saints Wake" classic served in tiny pumpkins.Free

The "Looking for Party" icon indicates players who are looking for a Monster, a partner for this festival. Should you see one and are interested in them somehow, ask them "What's your superpower?" and let the almightly sootling take the wheel.


Light Twintania Lavender Beds W4 P29
29. Oktober 2022, 23:00pm ST

In the first night of the Sootling Summoning Ritual creatures of all kinds come together and slowly easy others into the mood of the Almighty Sootling Celebration. Monsters tell their stories, but people also theirs! The Almighty Sootling is easier to summon once its believers are comfortable around what they once feared. The moment dawn is filled with moonlight you get everyone together and tell of old forgotten tales, stories you experienced or just give your fellow monster friend a pat on the back. The spookier the better!SPOOKY STORY COMPETITION
Visitors can come on stage to tell their spooky story through roleplay at the venue. A Jury will judge each of their stories and name a Winner after all are done, who wins two of the ingame emotes /scheme and /read.
It is highly encouraged to celebrate the festival with others together to forge some great memories! We know sometimes this is harder than anything, so simply mark yourself with the "Looking for Party" icon to show others you are looking for a monster, or simply a partner for this festival.


Light Twintania Lavender Beds W4 P29
30. Oktober 2022, 19:00ST/7pmST

On the second day, the Mirrormoonrise, all folk diguises themselves with costumes or illusion magicks to strengthen the connection between each other through facing what is right in front of them. By doing so, the giant summoning circle named "Mirrormoon" which is casted behind the moon, grows- able to absorb more or less of the moons shadow.COSTUME COMPETITION
Within the first two hours of the event visitors can enter the costume competition at the reception downstairs. The three winning categories are Best Lore, Best Cosplay and Crowd Favorite. Our Jury will judge each costume to determine two winners, for the crowds voting a picture of the participants will be added to a specified channel on our Discord. Winners can not overlap, instead the next in votes will win. The prize is one customized gpose of their character.
Participants of the costume competition also enter our little quizz show where players try to get three points to win a round. If lost, they get their showtime on stage to present themselves. The prize for this show is the /shiver emote.

Almighty Sootling

Light Twintania Lavender Beds W4 P29
31. Oktober 2022, 19:00ST/7pmST

The third and final night of the sootling summoning ritual marks the Almighty Sootling Celebration, named after the primal who is to be summon that night. To fulfill the requirements for it's appearance, sacrifices have to be made. But not to it, rather to yourself! One must give in to what who they truly are until midnight, eat, dine and wine. This primal feeds off of ones pure spirit, which only manifests when their true self is embraced. By sacrificing something, be it dear or not, one strenghtens their pure spirit pleasing the sootling. It is said, once the summoning is completed, a dreamflower grows where it will appear. The Almighty Sootling takes anyone shape but mirrored, so look out who is truly in front of you.POTION ROULETTE
Ask our bartender for either a SFW- or 18+Roulette. They will pick an item with effect for you at random for free.
Roll in dice and complete the fitting task. /dice /random
0 to 299 - Eat a Sootcake and rp its effect.
300 to 599 - Find out a strangers name/give them a nickname
600 to 899 - Tell a truth or lie about yourself, resolve it!
900 to 999 - Do a "Potion Roulette" at the bar!

Light Twintania Lavender Beds W4 P29 - 8th. August 2023, 18:00 ST/6:00pm ST

Venue always open, but due to Square Enix ToS please keep our Rules and Guidelines in mind!

Not many places inside the roleplaying culture of Final Fantasy XIV survive for such a long time, so we are proudly celebrating that the Witchvalve Manor hasn't broken down on our heads until now with a big collaboration! After countless updates, two expansions and believed to be impossible partnerships, Witchvalve has become quite known amongst EU Light for it's great in-character roleplay. Of course, anybody can claim this, though is it not what we say, it is what our crowd throws at us regularly. Occasionally that includes fireballs and explosions, but who counts those?To prove we are actually as mysterious and magical as you believe the Witchvalve to be, we have cooked up an event with only our finest ingredients. You are invited to visit our Two Year Anniversary and experience this Potion Factory in all it's glory yourself! At the event countless attractions await you to win prizes, we even have an entire bingo you can complete. Come give it a try!

Our lovely Collaboration Partners are awesome, Check them out!

⋆ Quests marked with a star can only be completed by /tell‘ing the left receptionist your answer. Please do not reveal any Bingo solutions, it ruins all the fun!

⋆ The Treasure Hunt Bingo People are available until 9pmST / Rewards can be claimed at the reception until 10pmST.


There are 16 quests you can complete while the Witchvalve Two Year Anniversary Event takes place. Complete four quests in one row, and once verified at the left receptionist in the entrance area, shout out, 'Bingo!' using /yell or /tell.
» Light Twintania Lavender Beds W4 P29 «
⋆ Quests marked with a star can only be completed by /tell‘ing the left receptionist your answer.
Please do not reveal any Bingo solutions, it ruins all the fun!

Bingo Rewards

1 Bingo = 1x Common Minion, 1x Flower Accessory
2 Bingo's = 1x Rare Minion, 1x Frog'o'bot
3 Bingo's = 1x Rare Item, 1x Eat Apple Emote
All Quests = 1x Grand Prize, 1x Frog'o'bot
First come, first served!

Pointy Hat Lottery

Visit the Pointy Hat Lottery booth to get a chance at winning some strange things that are stuck inside it's Pointy Hats. First play at the lottery is free, every other pull is 200Gil!

List of rewards -- Glutton Ticket; Valve Ticket; Summon Stone; Summon Orb, Frog'o'bot; Pointy Hat; Eat Apple Emote; Secret Grand Prices » Check item overview for descriptions «


At the True or False Booth you can guess if the statement told to you is in fact true or false. By being correct you gain up to 9 points which unlock certain rewards.

3 Points = 1x Glutton Ticket;
6 Points = 1x Summon Stone; 1x Valve Ticket;
9 Points = Summon Orb, 1x Frog'o'bot;
» Check the overview of event items for descriptions «


We know this event is quite overwhelming so we figured, you need a map! All important locations are marked on this map. For the Treasure Hunt Bingo you must find the chracters all around the Witchvalve Manor. Good Luck!

EVENT ITEMS ········ItemDescription ···········································
Glutton TicketSilver IngotTrade for one free item from the Foods and Drinks menu.
Valve TicketMythril IngotTrade for one free potion. No Frog'o'bots!
Summon StoneFluoriteTrade for a common minion at the reception.
Summon OrbMormoidTrade for a rare minion at the reception.

Frog'o'Bot SFW - 1.000.000 Gil Updated!
An artificial lifeform inside a bottle resembling what is known as "frog". Acts, behaves and sounds convincingly frog-like, ribbit. The Frog'o'Bot combines with other Frog'o'Bots, letting them evolve further. It is said that should 10 Frog'o'bots combine, they become The Superior Frog'a'Lot - Unlock Discord Role
Frog'o'Bot - Unlock Discord Role, NEW! Half price on potions (not stackable)
The Superior Frog'a'Lot - Unlock Discord Role, NEW! Half price on potions (not stackable), NEW! Lifetime Free Food & Drinks.

Witchvalve History Museum

It all began on the 8th of August 2021...

was founded in an apartment by a mysterious red au'ra who named herself "The Piratewitch" in the Mist of Limsa Lominsa. Not many people dared to visit the place that players could find over the shady Partyfinder ad. Through the course of several months of consistently opening twice a week all by herself and using several new advertisment techniques, soon the Witchvalve has had it's first regulars, who would turn out to become valued members of its staff in the future.

The story "The Red Witch of Limsa" is directly tied to the Piratewitch Viliana due to her backstory leading to the creation of the Witchvalve, a Potion Factory which was in FFXIV terms hosted in an apartment. Many who met the Piratewtich thought her strange but goofy. Salty Oranges were always dear to her, but why, a high treasured secret. Read here

A new chapter was on the horizon, with

the Witchvalve had officially moved to a small plot in the Lavender Beds. However, flattening the velvet carpet unexpectedly heightened expectations of both the crowd and staff. Lots of issues arose which all had to be fixed quick so the Witchvalve could prevail. With Version 1.5 the future was set with stability, ending this chapter.

At the making of Velvet Worlds the biggest topic was that the Witchvalve was finally moving to a plot, a great step up. But due to all the costs and overall lore that had been established, the expectations for this house were enormous. "Rise of the Witchvalve" let us enter the big stage of FFXIV venues by rolling out the velvet carpet in this old mansion. Read here

A Manor's Manners are what many call

When Version 2.0 released, the Manor was still full of strange old relics, it had to be tidied up. When things became more clear, the Manor revealed it's secret: It had a soul, it was not merely a building, no! It was truly alive. Every Update the Witchvalve was optimized, reaching a point were it has gotten unclear for the fabled Piratewitch what could even be done to make it better. Though she realized, it was all fine. This silence was her own peace of mind.

By accident, the Witchvalve discovered that their very own Manor possesed pieces of a Soul. Through further research they were able to put together the Manor's origin story. In "The Great Wooden Serpent" a giant creature revealed itself, slayn by the Moonlit Dragoon, leaving the Serpent's wooden scales open for the Manor's architect's creativity. Read here


The Witchvalve houses rooms that are always open are freely accessible to everyone, except for special occasions. We encourage all of our players to make use of our spaces such as the outside area, main area and of course our specially designed rooms. Please make sure to understand our content keywords to avoid exposing players to unwanted content. We do not manage any room-access settings for player privacy, but instead recommend to invite players into a party to roleplay in private.

The giant book at our entrance is called Bookking D'Booklin, a minion created by Viliana the Piratewitch to travel between the spaces depicted on its pages. To travel simply open a page with an image of the space you would like to enter and tickle its page. Step through the picture to hopefully get teleported to the right area.

Part of the House

The rooms listed here are part of the actual Witchvalve House in lore! Our Elevator to the higher and lower levels is broken, which is why we are using the giant magic book to move between them comfortably.

OUR Pocket Worlds

Below we list our Pocket Worlds, designed to offer unique experiences for our lovely roleplayers. The giant book at the entrance allows characters to travel between our tiny dimensions, which hold onto the strangest of places.


Welcome my lovely minions! I, "The Witch", who's more commonly known as "Owner of the Witchvalve" and the "Piratewitch Viliana", am here to still your curiosity about the Witchalve's Lore. Our lore is not required to experience the Witchvalve, which we take very seriously to allow everyone to have a good start and learn about our lore through natural interactions! I hope you enjoy what we cooked up inside the cauldron. - The WitchStories - Characters - FAQ

THE RED WITCH OF LIMSA - version 0.1+ - Apartment
Someday in Limsa Lominsa, when the winds were warm and the beaches cold, a red-skinned Au Ra appeared in the Mist, selling dubious wares to curious strangers from inside of a rusty factory. Hidden from the Maelstrom of Limsa, the Au Ra spread her word, day and night. Nobody seemed to care; the papers and ads about this “Witchvalve” were looked at… as a mere joke. A Witch as red as blood, selling strange wares who turns people into frogs? Who would believe such a fairy tale? Those who went to find this place, however, would hide their knowledge and even protect that so called “Witchvalve”. Many rumors began to spread about this place- both good and bad- but nobody was really sure what was the truth and what were lies. Eventually the folks of the city started investigating on their own, only to come back with unbelievable stories. When the winter was about to shadow over the Mist, the Maelstrom finally sent their troops. This one skypirate, which troubled the Grand Companies for over 20 years, was right in the palm of their hands… but all they found of her was an ancient golden coin; as if this was a mere joke. They knew she was back, but why? Where did she go? What is the Piratewitch trying to achieve this time?! All that was known is that "The Red Witch of Limsa" is somewhere out there. And Witchvalve was there. That’s the truth.
RISE OF THE WITCHVALVE - 1.0 to 1.5 - Velvet Worlds
Within the Lavender Beds an old house withered away on its own for ages. A green Au Ra woman named Aliandre was given the house as a farewell from a Gridanian Captain for her help on an oceanic journey around the globe. Due to her never having the time to take care of it, Aliandre decided on a peaceful reunion with her sister, Viliana. Aliandre then allowed Viliana to use the house for her business called “Witchvalve”, as long as Viliana didn’t do anything suspicious with it. The house was in a poor state with all kinds of problems, wind and weather made its walls whistle painfully, the garden's dry ground only grew the most monstrous plants and the old fountain seemed to be home to some menacing creature. After space was made and everything needed had been installed, the power plant deep down below made the Witchvalve’s machinery move. Steam pumps from the house's heart through its metal pipes, feeding the house with life. Officially, the Witchvalve is a Bar for all kinds of people to meet up, drink and game, while being a small potion factory on the side. On top of the usual Witchvalve business, their workers offer a wide variety of services many love to count on, attracting sometimes the strangest of customers.
/// Chapter I, Scales of Wood - In long forgotten times a giant serpent roamed the earth, causing dread wherever it went, draining its seas off their life while bathing its scaly body, only to turn sea into boiling cloud. Its only purpose seemed destruction, the allagans thought, desperately trying to take control of its power. With glorious spears they approached its crimson gaze to pierce its armor by force to reveal its secret. Succeeding at inducing their knowledge into the serpents blood, its dead wooden scales shined white, reviving its true beauty. Howling through its nest enraged, its thick bark exhaled a melting hot mist over those tainted spears. Sprinkling their mettle with a swipe, turning soldiers into mold, the allagans admitted defeat.
Wandering the lands in greed for seas, the serpent hid within the unknown woods searching for more. The rivers lead, flowing- only to be consumed by its shape, whispering of an even greater well. A tree reaching so far up the sky, even a volcano would shiver mad, shadows over our snake. This tree fed off the earth's blood, just as itself. Angered, the wooden serpent stood up tall, as tall as it could, to strangle the tallest of all into bowing for forgiveness. And so the tree and the serpent merged, feeding off of the well beneath, for eternity.
/// Chapter II, Tree of Stars - Once unknown, the woods protected by element alone, become home to a folk of curious. They wondered why mist surrounded their life, every once a while. Scouting what thought their land, the tallest of all poked their sight. A tree reaching so far ‘bove, it must touch the stars. So a new belief was born, the tree of stars, bridge between earth and cloud, they named. As they scraped the holy tree of its imperfection to hallow it, one finds the creature it merged with, thus the wooden serpent, breath of the holy tree, became a Deity. Over time many left their underground home, though who swayed themselves in the serpent's warmth remained still. The deity’s scales would crumble now and then, gifting its sacred wood to its folk to be shapened into symbols of might. One day, the village hidden under the tallest of all, drowned in the great flood of its well, right at its peak of glory. Only a few of this folk survived, spreading what's known around the world. Temples they’ve built with the holy wood they’ve kept, seeking a path to grasp their city once more. But none would follow their advice, their God marked them for death. To calm the angered, its folk shed their blood in hope to never ignite its fury again. Treasures of power you might find, hidden in the sea below the giant tree one said- many came to dive the depths to find not much but rotten wood. A challenge for most who believed in treasure of forgotten folk, who heard the legend of the tallest of all.
/// Chapter III, The Moonlit Dragoon - In a night of true beauty, where moonlight barely reached below, a spear in white wandered through the woods searching for its prey. As he met the tallest of all, crimson eyes gazed from above. Shaking its body off the ancient well, the wooden serpent revealed its form. Once more, hot mist filled the woods, stealing the spear of his sight. In a flash it was over, swallowed whole from behind by its bite, he thought himself dead. Just in time the spear revealed the serpents' hide, from scale to scale, he must break his way to victory. One by one the serpent's wooden scales scattered into the unknown, filling darkness with what thought to be moonlight. Blessed by the eye of the night the spear danced on its shine to behead the wooden serpent of its might with the crescent guillotine of starlight. A bloodshed heard all over the world - the spear who pierced true beauty, who bathed in forgotten blood - the legend of the Moonlit Dragoon emerged. As the forgotten folk heard this tale, they abandoned their temples and minds, leaving nothing but questions behind. But the soul of the great wooden serpent still remains within its scales, who haunt the Witchvalve as their Manorghast, feeding off its well.

Bookking D'Booklin
The giant book at our entrance is called Bookking D'Booklin, a minion created by Viliana the Piratewitch to travel between the spaces depicted on its pages. To travel open a page containing the image of the space you would like to enter and tickle its page. Then step through the picture and you will be spit out on the other side, ending up at the right place. You can only travel to spaces that are connected to the so called Booklings, which are placed inside a house room or pocket world. Booklings are the Bookkings underlings, holding only a fraction of the Bookkings ability. Without the Bookking, they can't use their transportation ability. Bookking D'Booklin and its Booklings are silent voidbound creatures able to fly, walk and communicate via magic texts they conjure on an empty page. If they aren't working at the Witchvalve, they probably are relaxing in a library. Booklings come in different shapes and sizes, which make them hard to identify. The transportation theory of these strange minions is the following: The Bookking and its Bookling both open a gate at their current places, to then move both gates very close together. You then simply step through both gates without any harm.
The Puppet Maidens
Created from Vilianas own DNA, The Puppet Maidens are organic vessels containing the soul of creatures. While each version looks exactly the same, their personality is that of the corresponding creature. They are named after their version number, which indicates when they were created and how intelligent a puppet maiden can potentially be based on their ingredients. The puppet maidens were created specifically for the Witchvalve to have